People call Catherine Varga and I the Ghost Busting Gurus and my family is well known in the Real Estate biz. I keep the Real Estate know-how in the family by helping savvy realtors sell homes and businesses faster and for more money.

How do you know if there is "something" in your home or place of business?

Do you hear bumps in the night?

Do your lights flash on and off?

Does your radio or tv turn on or off by itself?

Often this can be unhappy people, in spirit, who are grounded on earth. They might have experienced trauma in life or in death and are so connected with these events that they cannot or will not, find their way to the Other Side. We assist in the transition of these spirit people from the earthly plane and use the utmost respect and compassion when doing so.

And, sometimes, it is not a ghost but a negative energy that has taken up residence in a home or on a property. This is not a lost soul but an energy with negative intent and can be difficult to dislodge. You might have already tried many of the traditional ways of clearing energy without success.

We have the gift of being able to identify and transform the energy of people, places and things and have been removing and crossing over "spirit people" or ghosts for 15 years. We also use our gifts to see and remove negative energies affecting properties, relationships, health and businesses, whether from this or a past life. Our reputation has grown and now we are sought out internationally for our expertise. We have cleared the energies of people, properties and businesses in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Dubai, South America, Africa and Australia.

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